Good Hockey Calls For Media Frenzy?

What a game last night between the Caps and Flyers.  A combined seven goals in the 2nd period, two from Alex Ovechkin and three from Brad Richards, also including a NHL-record four assists in that same period by a defenseman, Matt Carle.  This isn’t what was exciting me during last night’s broadcast, however.  It was the ridiculous amount of predictions in-between periods and in the news this morning.  This person will score this many goals, this team is in the top four in their conference, these guys are going to be in contention for the Cup.  Here’s a newsflash for you…IT’S THREE GAMES INTO THE SEASON!!


Photo Courtesy of Puck Daddy

Photo Courtesy of Puck Daddy

There’s been some great games so far this season, but I think the guys from “Strange Brew” could do a better job predicting the future of the 2009-10 NHL Season. 

 Take a look at the standings in the Western Conference right now.  You got the Flames atop the list, which is not too suprising.  It’s the next four teams on the list that are shocking (Blues, Coyotes, Avalanche, and Blue Jackets).  The defending Conference champions are winless at the bottom of the list just below the Sharks and Ducks.  There are 79-80 games left in the season, and I think they will have something to say about it during that time span.

Will Patrick Kane or Jon Toews have more points this year?  What if Kane gets hurt the next game and is out for the season?  Then it’s a moot point, so who cares!

Will Ovechkin score more than 65 goals?  “He might have that before the Olympic break” declared Eddie O.  I’m a fan of Ovie, but please spare us the condescending humor.  Numerous articles also state that at this rate Ovechkin will have 123 goals and 123 assists after obtaining three points in each of his first three games (only three other NHLers have ever done that).

Also, if we want to keep the same “At This Rate” mentality…Brooks Laich will finish the season with almost as many goals as Ovie and Milan Lucic will have made 80 other players in the National Hockey League literally bleed…

Sometimes I wish Lucic would stampede onto the set of Versus and ask the cast to predict how many of their bones he can break.

So this is a message to the media world of hockey…Get back to the basics and start covering the games in the present and not the ones in the future (like the writers at Japers’ Rink).  There’s no reason to go all Nostradamus on us when there’s good hockey going on.

Darn…I just realized I wasted a whole post rambling about NHL predictions.


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