So Long Stanley Cup

The Caps fell in game 7 last night to the Pittsburgh Penguins and boy did they fall hard.  After the first two goals, there was a churning feeling in your stomach that this game wasn’t going to be good for the Caps.  They ended their post season last night with a 6-2 loss, their star goalie getting pulled, Ovechkin missing a key breakaway and scoring a meaningless goal, and Sid the Kid shining bright with two goals.
Photo Courtesy of Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Photo Courtesy of Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

There was so much hype leading into this game.  The series had been so memorable that the way it ended had to be memorable as well.  But that was not the case.  The Caps got scored on twice in 8 seconds which is the fastest any team has scored two goals in the playoffs.  Despite the beating the Caps took last night, they never gave up and the fans never stopped believing (or at least having some sort of faith).

With one minute to go in the game the Caps’ fans cheered “Let’s Go Caps” and they praised their team as they walked off the ice with their heads down.  It was a great season, but just a bad way to end it.

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