Caps on the Brink of Elimination

The Washington Capitals are once again one loss away from ending their season.  The question is who do the Caps turn to.

Photo Courtesy of Comcast

Photo Courtesy of Comcast

Do they turn to their rookie goalie, Simeon Varlamov, to make save after save?–Hes’ already seen 184 shots in the first five games of the series. 

Do they turn to Sergei Fedorov to make another spectacular snipe and clinch the series once again?

Do they turn to Alex Ovechkin to take-over the series and put the Pens away? 

Yes of course they should turn to Ovie, the number one player in the league, to step-up and be a leader.

During a slow start to the season, Ovie had only two goals in his first 11 games of the year.  He soon turned it on scoring six goals in his next five.

Ovechkin also had a slow start in the Rangers series scoring zero goals in the first three contests, but then turning it up with three goals in the following three games.

He has dominated this series so far with the exception of Game 4–he still had an assist in the game but wasn’t a factor.  He has seven goals and three assists in the Penguins series.  He also leads the league in goals (10) and points (17).

If the Caps are going to win this series they need Ovechkin to keep playing the way he is playing.  A few bounces this way or that way and the series could have been over by now, in either direction.  So the Caps need to keep working for those chances, and they will come like they did in the Rangers series–ie Semin’s goal in Game 7.

So don’t fret Caps fans.  Ovie’s got this.

But wait…

Ovechkin didn’t have any points in Game 7 against the Rangers.

Well that’s because he was being targeted, creating more space for other players.  Last game, the Pens were targeting Ovechkin a good amount, especially after his collision in Game 4 with Sergei Gonchar.  More space was opening up for other players to make plays like Nicklas Backstrom.  So continue to watch Ovie make some good plays to open up players around him.


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