Series Tied 2-2 Heading Back to DC

After gaining a 2-0 lead in the series, the Caps dropped two straight at Mellon Arena to even the series at two.  They were outplayed and outshot.  It didn’t help that rookie goaltender Simeon Varlamov had his first bad game of the playoffs.

Photo Courtesy of Pablo Martinez Monsivais/Associated Press

Photo Courtesy of Pablo Martinez Monsivais/Associated Press

Out of 10 games so far in this year’s playoffs, I will gladly have a goaltender that has one bad game out of 10.  That was the case last night as the Pens were shooting from every angle and every opportunity they had.  Here’s some quotes from after the game…

Bruce Boudreau

“They did a good job, they get last change.  I mean Alex [Ovechkin] is only human.  He can’t be unbelievable every night and taking Alex as a baseball player, they don’t hit homeruns all the time.  I mean they can go 8 games and then they’ll get three and everybody’s back on the bandwagon.”

On Mike Green…”I thought he had a couple of gaffes defensively.  We asked him to go. And I thought he made some a really great play on Clark’s goal and some really nice offensive plays. The last goal he tried to be too cute, but it should have gone in anyway. Yeah, I’m going to defend my players. He’s a Norris Trophy candidate. He’s good. But sometimes he makes a mistake and they’re going in our net. That happens sometimes.”

On Varlamov…”He struggled. He hasn’t a bad game. Arguably, there were four soft goals out of the five. But he’ll bounce back.”

Alex Ovechkin

“We just have to play simple. You could see at the beginning of the second period, we tried to be so cute. Everybody, me [Green, Semin, Backstrom.] We have skills, but if we play simple game, it’s going to work.”

On the Gonchar hit…”It tried to hit him and he tried to move to his left, and I don’t have time to realize what is going on and I hit [him with] my knee.  It was accident. I’m not the kind of guy who wants to injure a player like this, especially [because] I know Gonch. I tried to hit him with my shoulder and he moved left but his legs were in the same spot.”

Brooks Orpik

On the Ovechkin hit…”That’s three games in a row where he’s out there trying to hurt guys.  You just watch the way he hits. And I love the way he plays … but he could get a charging penalty every time he hits. He leaves his feet, and takes countless strides. We’ve gotten lucky up to this point. And he likes to target the Russian guys, for some reason.”

“Everyone likes to play hard, and play physical, but there’s a line you can’t cross, and a lot of guys in our room felt like the last couple games he was taking shots where he was trying to hurt guys.”

3 Stars:

* Sidney Crosby *

** Rob Scuderi **

*** Maxime Talbot ***


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