Video of the Day: Fight Night

The Anaheim Ducks surprised the hockey world last night after knocking off the first seed–and biggest choke artists of the 2009 Playoffs–San Jose Sharks.  Joe Thornton and Ryan Getzlaf had a tussle right off the faceoff after a Ducks goal as Big Joe tried to give his team a little boost to stay alive in the series. 

According to 80% of viewers believed Thornton won the fight.  There could have been a couple other fights that might of ensued if not for the “1 fight at a time rule”. 

At the end of the second period a huge hit by a Sharks player stimulated a big scuffle but only one fight ensued between Ryan Whitney and Joe Pavelski. 

Pavelski–5’9 195 lbs.–held his own against the much larger Whitney–6’4 202 lbs.–in his first ever fight in the NHL.  Whitney walked away with a bloody nose as Pavelski skated away scratchless with some thanks to his helmet and visor.

The Ducks will face the Red Wings in the next round and will look to use their physical play to turn another upset.


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