Around The League: East Coast Style 4-8-09


Photo Courtesy of The Daily News

  • The Rangers want to be in the playoffs. They defeated the Habs last night 3-1. They have to win at least one of their remaining two games against Philly to be sure of a spot.

  • Carolina is really good and has matched a franchise best with their 9th straight win.

  • Marty Brodeur and the Devils did not look very impressive last night, losing to the determined to be a relevant hockey team, but out of the playoff picture Maple Leafs.

  • In that same category of “determined to be a relevant hockey team, but still out of the playoff picture”, The Ottawa Senators beat the Bruins. Keep in mind the Bruins are still battling for the President’s Trophy.

  • There aren’t any important games tonight in terms of the Eastern Conference playoff picture. Buffalo is all but done, with six points less than the 8th place Rangers, and you already know how I feel about Toronto.


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