Capital Question #2:

Does Alex Ovechkin shoot the puck TOO much?

No way.  Alex Ovechkin has the best shot in the league not to mention the most goals.  He leads the league with 50 and its because of his league-leading shot count of 468.  He’s shot the puck 1,731 times in his 4-year career and has scored 50 goals in 3 of those seasons.  The only year he fell under the 50-mark (46) was the only year he fell under 400 shots (392). 


Photo Courtesy of the Hockey News

Alex has 8 games to reach the shot record in a season held by Phil Espisito at 550 shots.  That means Ovie has to get 82 shots in those 8 games, but thats OK he averages about 7 shots a game this season and has reached double-digits 9 times.  That definitely gives Caps fans a reason to yell shoot! every time he has the puck. 

But since Alex shoots so much, he must never pass the puck right? Wrong! He is 18th in the NHL with 44 assists and has had that many in every season he has played.  Greg Wyshynski of Puck Daddy said, “[Ovechkin] had more assists in his rookie season (54) with the Washington Capitals than Brett Hull had in any season of his career.”

He has 23 assists on the powerplay (t-9th), but also has 16 goals (t-3rd with Mike Green) and he’s 2nd  in points with the man up.  It’s safe to say he is pretty versatile on the PP, but he also gets it done even strength.  He leads the league with 33 even strength goals, and it’s because his shot is just that scary.

So go ahead Alex keep on shooting.

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” –Wayne Gretzky

*Photo Courtesy of The Hockey News



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2 responses to “Capital Question #2:

  1. higgins

    i agree. i think that his shooting habits is def. one of the many causes of his success. he may not be the most accurate shooter and i only say that because of his shooting percentage but that obviously does not restrain someone from being the leading scorer.

  2. OVismyhero

    SHOOOTTT!! who can argue that the leading scorer for the past 3 years shouldnt shoot!?! with that being said, there are times when he could make better decisions. 2 on 1s where he could fake the shot and dish or 1 on 3 he could “gretzky curl” instead of firing high and wide to mantain possesion for our other forwards who are also nasty. hes still young and has alot to learn but has become a hell of alot better at drawing the defense and dishing. caps to the cup!!!!!!!! im hammered hahaha. C – A – – P – S

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